Welcome to, my personal place on the net for posting my daily, sharing my thoughts, and ideas. My name is Mary, I'm 17 years young and I live in Penang with my family. I'm super friendly and I talk way too much for my own good. Btw, I loves to takes photos with my Canon Ixus 1000HS and love hanging out with my boyfriend to know more about him. Lastly, I love to design with my photos and writing diary while I am listening to music. It could makes me relax my mind and change my perception in life.


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> About The Author
NAME: Mary, MaryChee, Emiko, TeanMin
AGE: 17
DATE OF BIRTH: 3rd of March '94
ZODIAC: Pieces
STATUS: In An Open Relationship
SCHOOL: SMK Hamid Khan

1. Foods: Mom's food, Pizza, McChicken, Mee Goreng, Chicken Chop, Curry Mee.
2. Drinks: Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Honey Ice Blended, Sarsi
3. Fruits: Banana, Orange, Grapes
4. Deserts: Jelly, Salad, Mush Potato, Ice-Cream, Rozak, Chendol
5. Colours: Blue, Red, Grey, Brown
6. Pet: Rabbits
7. Singer: (English) Taylor Swift, Backstreet Boys. (Chinese) Jay Chou, Wang Lee Hom, JJ Lin, S.H.E, Rainie Yang


1. M&G
2. Forever 21
3. Nike
4. Padini
5. Top Shop
6. Esprit
7. Charles & Keith
8. Voir


1. Taking photos
2. Hanging out with for shopping
3. Drawing
4. Watching movies Love Story
5. Cute stuffs
6. Messaging


1. Chocolate
2. Cockroaches
3. Snobbers
4. Backstabber
5. Snakes
6. Dogs

Ten things I love to wear when I go out

1. Jeans
2. Skirt
3. Dress
4. Shorts
5. Shirt
6. T-Shirt
7. Heel Shoes
8. Scandles
9. Sun Glasses
10. Watch

Five things I currently do

1. Taking Photos
2. Outing with bf & friends
3. Surfing Internet
4. SMS
5. Playing Piano

Five Wish Lists

1. Dye My Hair
2. DSLR Canon
3. Go trip with my bf & family
4. Iphone 4
5. Banglo

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